Panic Room Opening Text Analysis.

We watched the opening title sequence of Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster, and analyzed the different font, size, style, movement and position.

The font is 3D with lots of shadows, this creates dimension. The font is quite large in context of environment. The titles were always in different postitions or angles and in front of famous landscape. All these points make the titles look part of the location, it fits with the buildings and makes them look real, like they’re actually there. The title’s look like they’re there, floating in the air above and around the city. Real but surreal. The text of the name of the film is larger and centered in comparison to the rest of the text, which is positioned differently and slightly smaller. This is to emphasize the name of the film and make it bolder. There is no movement of the letters, they’re static, there is only movement of the camera again adding to the idea that they’re permantley there. Some of the text was hard to read as light that would shine of buildings also shined of the text. This is a thriller convention as it gives the impression of hidden identity and mystery.

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