Evaluation of Rough Cut

We had to make a rough cut of our final piece, so for this we had to upload all our clips onto the macs this was the easy part of our task the harder part was choosing the clips we wanted on the rough cut, we had to think about what would look best where and also think about including sound and text to get feedback for when we make out final piece, even if it was just a quick demonstration we were told it be best to add some so I created an account on freesounds.org and downloaded some soundtracks that I thought would be appropriate for a rough cut as well as work on some of our own music in garage band but if that didn’t work out we always had the soundtracks we downloaded.

For our first scene we used the darkest room we could get hold off to film when then dimly lit it with a torch and reflector and tried to get a lot of clips showing that this person was definitely our stalker, this introduced our audience immediately to our stalker and start them asking question about who this guy is and what does he want, we used short clips to show the room that he was in and finished that scene with a long shot showing the entire room.

To move from one scene to the other the stalker walked in front of the camera and walked off revealing a change of scenery to an ally way where we first meet our victim Nicole as she is just going around doing her daily routine, we enjoyed seeing how this transition turned out and thought it worked really well.

We used a lot of editing techniques in our rough cut like the split effect this seemed like a good idea at first but I didn’t like it in the end product as it confuses the audience too much and is too much to look at, another effect we wanted to put in was the CCTV effect however we just ran out of time and I was not there on Friday and I was the one who knew how to do the effect so we unable to put it in but we are definitely going to add it in to our final piece.

Overall I really thought the rough cut was a success we met our deadline and criteria just I think we need to move some clips around and play around with some effect definitely finish our soundtrack and add or remove some clips, as well as make the transitions between some scenes more smooth maybe some fade ins and outs.


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