Evaluation – Voice over, script, task 5

Speaker One: In the beginning of the sequence, we have used a low angle shot looking up at a board of pictures of the protagonist, giving the viewer a sense of how extreme the stalking of this character is.

Speaker Two: A zoom in shot has been placed where the camera zooms into a picture of the victim, which tells the audience what she looks like – helping them identify with the character.

Speaker Three: Low key lighting is used in the beginning shots to create a spooky and tense atmosphere. It also makes it look mysterious as if you’re not supposed to see it clearly – making it secretive, a common convention of thriller, to leave the audience wanting more.

Speaker One: A shot of the antagonist walking past the camera is used a method os transition between one shot and another. This makes it look as if he in charge, giving him power, making the protagonist look weak and vulnerable.

Speaker Two: We have editted scenes using colour corrector, where we lowered the saturation and added a bluey-grey tint, making it look less welcoming and more tense and cold.

Speaker Three: Static shots of the character being followed enables the audience to get a clear view of what is happening.

Speaker One: Cross cutting is used between shots of the actual stalking, and the pictures of the victim on the board. This gives the audience more information about the character, engaging them as they can feel they can then identify with her.

Speaker Two: Another shot of the antagonist’s shadow blacks out the camera and creates a transition between shots, once again making him look in control of the situation, which he is.

Speaker Three: A high angle long shot of the female character being followed has been edited into a blacvk white effect, with a ‘bad TV’ effect also applied, making it look like a CCTV camera. This gives a sense of voyeurism, as the audience is giving priviledged access, engaging them with the clip.

Speaker One: A sound effect named ‘static’ has been applied under the footage of the CCTV camera to make it sound athentic, and replicate the sound of the camera cutting off.

Speaker Two: The soundtrack was created on garageband and gives a scary and tense feel to the sequence. The high pitched eerie sounds makes the audience uncomfortable and puts them on the edge of their seats.

Speaker Three: The last few shots are of the female character reaching her front door. There is a tracking long shot of her getting close to thge door. This following action replicates the following that has been taking place throughout the whole of the sequence, putting the audience in thew position of the stalker.

Speaker One: The last shot of the characters is where the camera ios placed as if it’s the door, and she moves slightly and the stalker can be seen going to grab her. The camera then fades to another shot of the board from the beginning. The audience is left with a cliff hanger as they do not know what will or has happened to her.

Speaker Two: Finally, the sequence finishes with a long shot fading in of the board from the start showing the extent of the stalking, making the audience empathise with the stalker’s victim.


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