Evaluation (by Mark Harris)

Question 1

In this first screenshot the camera is at an angle showing the shadow of our antagonist making the views feel intimidated and vulnerable also the fact you can’t see much light in this clip either

screenshot 1

In this screenshot we had a zooming in shot of a photo of our victim so that our audience can get a feel as to who the story is about and we finished this clip of with a close up of the photo

screenshot 2.jpg


In this screenshot we are focusing on the lighting as we can’t see a lot of what’s in the picture of what is happening and that’s could fill the audience with mystery and questions and scare some of them as they could be intimidated, all you can see if the outline of the stalker with the use of our lighting.

screenshot 3


Here for one of our opening conventions we introduce 1 of our main characters showing the focus as she is the only person in this clip.

Picture 6 (1)


Here is our second screenshot of our opening conventions introducing our second main character as well as looking at the angle of the camera and where is located separating the clip into two parts.

Picture 8


This screenshot is showing the Title of our film taking up most of the clip and with a relevant background to the story with it.

screengrab 1 title


Question 2

question 2#1


I took the photo from our film to represent the teenage social group and who its aimed at saying that as a teenager we are all vulnerable to this crazed stalkers

question 2#2


This is a photo of Drew barrymore who played casey in Scream she was the first victim of the stalker called ghost face and she was about 19 years old, the socail group of the film is based around a bunch of high schoolers so they are around the same social group

question 2#3


This photo is of a girl who was found dead after posting that she had a stalker on Facebook she was around the same age as our actor Nicole and was in the same situation this just proves that these films also reflect on real life and make people aware of what can happen.

Question 3

Here is my PDF file of my IMDB file

IMDB Followed


Question 4

The audience for our film would probably be teenagers and young adults as the main character is in her late teens so teenagers would be able to think in her position and feel how she is feeling In that situation, the film magazine that I think would EMPIRE as they like the different and sometimes creepy films, I think it be appropriate because they would give it an honest review and give it a good amount of advertisement space for what it is, it would be attract a large audience to our film and would support it as well, I feel that it would be better than other magazines because of this reason also as we are trying to attract a younger audience they would feel that they won’t a younger audience reading there magazine and then maybe they would become a subscriber so in that case we would both win, I wouldn’t be expecting a front page but I think even 1 page in the empire would be good to have

Following is a film about a girl who is stalked and eventually kidnapped by an unnamed stalker who eventually tries to sell her for a sum of money, acted by Mark Harris and Nicole Atkinson, it was very well acted and the filming and lighting were very well done, the first scene introducing us to both the main characters was very creepy and atmospheric all you saw was a dark room with lots of pictures and writing on the bored and acasionly you would see the shadow of the stalker and it filled you with question and mystery, I was really impressed with the lighting in that scene as it was incredible we could just see enough to know what was happening and what was about to happen, throughout the film they keep this atmosphere on us the whole time and we never get torn away from that, I was interested all the time as it always changes and there isn’t one scene that is the same as another one I would say if you’re interested in seeing this film make sure you’re ready for a surprise and a jump at the end and a massive plot twist I will tell you now be prepared for an awesome ride.

EMPIRE magazine


Question 5

Question 6

Here I am using the camera that I am already very familiar with however during the project I managed to use my previous camera skills to make our shots even better.



Here I am using the torch to bounce on a reflector to light up an area I haven’t use much lighting in the past so doing this I learnt that a small torch can make a massive difference as shown in our first scene.



Here I’m using the reflector I have previously used a reflector before however this time I used it more and we used it in our first scene to light up the board.



During our process we had to use a lot of editing and different software.

One was called final cute express in the past I have used a lot of different editing software so the basic stuff I could do however doing the more advanced stuff was a bit harder but I eventually researched how to do each thing and got the hang of it all.



Another program we used was garage band iv used this on my friends Ipad a lot however on the mac itself it’s a lot different so I knew the basics but using the proper program was a bit different and there were a lot more instruments you could use however I finally got the hang of it and made our soundtrack.



Another program that we used briefly but didn’t use in our final piece because we were running out of time was after effects which is a program that you can add titles and indents and do special effects with them I only learnt the basics about this program.


Question 7

This is the power point presentation for question 7 that has been uploaded as a PDF

please click

The Journey to our final Piece








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