Final Thriller Opening.

This is our final Thriller Opening.
As a group we think it went successfully.

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Rough Cut

This is our Thriller Opening Rough Cut.

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Analysis of a Thriller Opening Scene (Zodiac).

The opening scene of Zodiac starts with the first Zodiac murder. The first murder is of a couple and takes place in a car.

The clip I found starts with another car driving up behind the couple’s car. We see a mid-shot of the couple turning and looking towards the car. We then see a view from the back of the couple’s car of them both turning around. This shot is effective as we notice the fear the couple are experiencing and we are almost put in the view of the Zodiac Murderer.

Artificial lighting of a torch is then used to shine through the couple’s car and is used effectivley to not allow the audience to see the Zodiac killer. This creates a mysteric atmosphere hiding the Zodiac’s identity. The Zodiac then moves around the car still holding the torch blocking lighting from his face.

The Zodiac killer then simply pulls out a gun and shoots the girl, still blocking light from himself. As we see blood splatter across the girl’s body the Hurdy Gurdy Man song, as previously heard in the opening credits, kicks back in. We see the girl struggle as she is repeatedly shot. I really like the use of music being added in here as it makes the deaths seem incredibly easy for the killer to commit and shows the audience it’s going to be quite a casual thing for him to do.

Once the girl is shot we then see a mid-shot from the front of the car of the killer moving away he then comes back and we see a high angled long shot of the boyfriend sturggling and attempting to get away but being casually shot by the killer. After that the Zodiac killer walks away, still shadowed out, and walks back to his car. As he does so the screen fades into darkness.

I think this scene is really effective as we never see any part of the killer that’d reveal his identity or a clue to who he is. The murders are treated quite casually with the use of sound and begins to make the audience fear the Zodiac Killer.


Analysis of Font and Opening Credits.

Here is the opening credits from the film Zodiac (2007). Zodiac was directed by David Fincher, who is known for directing Fight Club, Seven, The Social Network and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Zodiac stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. Zodiac is about a San Fancisco cartoonist who becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac killer.

I really like the choice of font and style of the opening credits from this film, they’re different yet effective.

The films opens and we immeditatley see a newspaper used for the opening credits. We are straight away introduced into setting in place by the newspaper being called, “San Francisco Chronicle”. It’s an effective way to introduce the audience into the setting in place.

As the sequence goes on we see the camera scroll across the newspaper and zoom in to certain articles focussing on certain areas such as “Warner bros. pictures and Paramount Pictures presents” and blurring out the rest of the newspaper. I really like this technique used throughout the opening credits as it introduces the genre by showing a lot of mystery in the newspaper showing the audience they’ll be watching a Thriller/Mystery.

We also see a red marker circling and highlighting certain sections of certain articles which gives us the impression we should read them however the text is never visible for long enough. This is a strange technique which creates a slight confusion to the audience.

The font is a very straight forward plain font. It’s normal and very easy to read. It’s font you would find in a newspaper and had a sucessful effect in making the audience see what they’re watching is a newspaper.

The soundtrack is very effective as it links to the setting in time of the film. The song we hear playing for the opening credits is “Hurdy Gurdy Man” by British singer/songwriter Donavon. It was written and recorded in early 1968. The song works well with the film as the Zodiac killer case was in the 1970s and therefore the song would’ve been out at the time. The song creates an erie atmosphere to the credits and in a way completes the opening credits.

Overall I really like these opening credits as they show the audience the genre. They also have a Journalistic effect showing us the film will involve Journalism. I like the effects used to blur out the rest of the text and focus on certain areas to present the credits.

I would definitley use the Zodiac opening credits to inspire our credits and use of font.


Test shot (path)

another test shot of our victim walking and how we will link it all together

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Test Shot CCTV

a test shot for our final film